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Amazing aerial and pole studio in Leicester! I’ve been a student here for over 5 years in both pole and silks and I absolutely love it. The instructors are so incredible and teach you to learn new skills, grow confidence and feel safe at all times. I’ve made amazing friends here too. Couldn’t recommend this place any more!

Sophie, Pole and Aerial Student

Flight Fitness is so much more than a dance fitness studio. It’s a safe space to gain confidence, friendships and discover what your body is truly capable of. With the encouragement and guidance of incredible instructors and class buddies all wanting you to success in your goals, it really has that feel-good vibe I had been craving. Starting with very little upper body strength, I walked through the doors wondering what I was thinking, but by the end of my first lesson I was hooked (somewhat literally but mostly within). It is a sanctuary away from the chaos.

Lydia, Aerial Arts Student

I choose to travel 45 minutes from home to this studio, instead of booking closer to home, because it’s such a lovely place to learn. The instructors are all amazing and the whole attitude of the studio is uplifting and welcoming to everyone. The variety of classes and workshops ensures everyone finds something they can enjoy and grow with. I’ve made many friends since joining and look forward to heading back there in the near future 🙂

Jodie, Pole Dance Student

Even 5 stars does not do this place justice, I have been a student here for just over a year and ever since my first class have never looked back! It is the most non judgmental, confidence boosting, happy and safe place I have ever been. The instructors and owner are the most knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive people you have ever met. With classes in so many areas from pole to aerial silks, hoop and lots more. You will never regret joining this fabulous place only wish you had gone for it sooner!

Jade, Pole and Aerial Student

Flight Fitness is such an amazing place to be. It offers the chance to gain huge steps in increasing your fitness in a clean professional atmosphere. The instructors are massively supportive and excellent in their knowledge and abilities. I would highly recommend going to Flight Fitness I surprise myself constantly with what I achieve.

Hayley, Aerial Student

What can I say, it’s like a second home for me. They have seen me happy, they have seen me mardy, they have seen my Polish side and they all accepted me for who I am. Flight Fitness allows me to explore a variety of new feelings, emotions and work on completely different skills. A very positive, encouraging place and a safe space for a lot of people too. I am stronger, more flexible but the most important is that through the encouraging environment I began to accept my body for what it does rather than how it looks like. There is something for anybody, pole, silks, hoops, chair and even conditioning classes. You can wear whatever you want and you don’t have to feel embarrassed about anything about you. Once you step inside the studio, you get a lot of smiling, positive faces. I couldn’t ask for a better aerial family! Thank you for everything!

Karolina, Pole Dance Student

I started coming to Flight just after Covid due to a bad experience with another local pole studio, I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. The instructors here do everything in their power to make all feel welcome, comfortable and safe. The studio is fun, lively and the vibes all round are genuine and caring! Lauren has done an amazing job at creating an environment for sensational learning, confidence building and for me personally a place where I have formed so many now close friends. For anyone feeling a lack of self confidence and needing a boost honestly look no further! I always leave the studio feeling like I’m on top of the world! I feel strong and confident in my own body, my skills have far exceeded any of my expectations and it’s all down to these lovely ladies boosting me every week! If you’re thinking about it, but aren’t sure… just do it!

Kat, Pole and Aerial Student

If you ever thought about pole dance… Flight Fitness is perfect place to start at beginner courses and continue in more advanced classes! It is amazing what you can achieve. If you up to something more, don’t worry there is always something exiting going on in the Flight Fitness studio and you can sign in for it. I love its great atmosphere. And finally how good to have Lauren, our always smiling and full of energy instructor.

Paulina, Pole Dance Student

Beautiful studio with nice high poles and plenty of space both above and below the hoops. Lauren’s a fantastic instructor, super friendly and patient who knows how to make sure you get the most out of your session regardless of your level. 10/10 would recommend!

Jo, Aerial Hoop Student

Best decision ever to join flight fitness 6 week pole dancing course, relaxed atmosphere, excellent teaching, having the best time, just signed on for another 6 weeks but can see this being a long term hobby x thanks ladies x

Amanda, Pole Dance Student

Flight Fitness is an inclusive, safe and friendly studio. I’ve been taking group pole dance and conditioning classes here for a few years and would never want to learn anywhere else! The tutors are all really knowledgeable and know how to tailor moves and tricks to your physical capabilities and skill level. The Flight community is encouraging and supportive and I’ve made some wonderful friends in class. If you’re thinking of giving pole or aerial a go then I 100% recommend Flight Fitness.

Meg, Pole Dance Student

The most professional and fun place to learn Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop and Circus Skills. Stunning studio with a massive amount of excellent equipment and talented instructors. Highly recommend.

Rachael, Pole Dance and Aerial Student

Having never been to a pole fitness class before I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but ever since my first lesson I have been hooked! Lauren is supportive and patient when it comes to teaching new moves while at the same time always pushing us to challenge ourselves. I can’t explain it but Pole dancing is addictive! I can’t wait to spend my evenings spinning around a pole.

The studio has such a relaxed, reassuring atmosphere, and I have met some great friends. Flight fitness has such a variety of classes for all abilities and I definitely recommend coming along to one of the taster sessions to give it a go!

Vicki, Pole Dance Student

I was initially pretty nervous about learning to pole dance – I had terrifying visions of super slim young women gracefully doing the splits and wiggling to the max, but when I turned up I couldn’t have been more wrong. Flight Fitness is such a welcoming and beautiful place to go into (it’s a HUGE space with comfy sofas and lovely polished floor) and what’s more it’s completely professional and relaxed – if you don’t want to wiggle you don’t have to wiggle!

After going to a few classes I got completely hooked, Luckily Lauren is expecting that from her students so you can pay for a block of lessons and use them throughout the month/fortnight/week depending how addicted you become.

There are so many benefits to pole dancing that I wasn’t expecting – I’ve made some great friends there, lost a LOT of weight (goodbye muffin tops) and progressed onto other types of aerial fitness which are equally fun!

We have such a laugh at pole that I would really recommend it – no matter what size or shape you are!

Claire, Pole Dance Student

Flying through the air with
Lauren Red teaching us
Ingenious ways of
Gliding with elegance and
Height with lots of fun and giggles
The top of the poles are the tallest in town
For beginners, intermediate and advanced
It’s a great way to get fit and have fun
To make new friends with lasting friendships
New moves, upside down around and around,
Every lesson is different and unique
So start one lesson today and
Spin your worries away

Martina, Pole Dance Student