Pole Fitness / Pole Dance

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If you are sick of the gym, bored of the treadmill and want to get fit the fun way, then give Pole Fitness a go! You will tone up, gain flexibility and gain confidence as you are guided through the steps by a dedicated, qualified and fully insured instructor.

We have lots of crash mats, lots of poles, lots of space and lots of pole instructors with top notch expertise, ready to provide you with the best possible experience – have a look at our testimonials!

Group / Pay As You Go Pole Dance Classes

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Group / Pay As You Go Pole Dance Classes are great for people who work shifts or cannot commit to a course. Book up to an hour before the lesson, pay as you go and get involved!

There are two separate classes available: Beginners and Intermediate / Advanced. Beginners is great for people who have never touched a pole in their lives and have no fitness experience at all but it’s also good for people with another fitness or sport background (for example yoga or dance) who have also not taken part in any pole training before. The qualified, insured and experienced instructors will take you through all the steps you need to complete moves safely and gain confidence along the way. They will help you learn which muscles to use, what each move should feel like and how to have fun along the way! Pole is a great all over body workout and you’ll be having so much fun learning each move you will forget how much of a workout you are having! We don’t teach inverts / going upside down in beginners at all – please contact us if you aren’t sure which class you should be in, we are always happy to help!

Intermediate / Advanced class is for people who have completed the required amount of beginners classes either with us or with another studio. This differs for each person as we all have strengths in different areas. Please do not be offended if an instructor suggests that another beginner’s course may be a good idea – they always have your safety and best interests at heart and will make sure you are always progressing at the best rate for you. Our current policy is that people who are coming from other studios must book onto a pay as you go beginners class before progressing to inter / adv. This is not personal. There is no one unified syllabus for pole – everywhere teaches differently. We have everyone’s best interests in mind and want to make sure everyone knows all the moves required to progress to intermediate. The last thing we want is for someone to feel uncomfortable or out of their depth, or even worse acquire an injury from not having strength in the required areas. We want everyone to be the strongest, most confident and most creative pole dancers they can be.

Each class runs for 1.5 hours and you will be guided through a thorough warm up at the beginning of the session and a cool down and stretch at the end. Click ‘book now’ below to be taken to our online booking system for the latest class dates and times.


Pole Dance Courses

Courses are a brilliant way to try something new and start with people your level, progressing together as a group. You will attend at the same day and time each week for 6 – 8 weeks, meeting new people and having a laugh while you get fit! You will be paired up with another person on a pole so this is a great way to meet new people too!

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Pole Dance Private Classes

Private classes are a great way to progress quickly in your chosen art form. Work with the same instructor each time to perfect your moves and work on your own individual plans based on what you want to achieve. Whether you are just starting out, have specific goals or want to work at a more intense pace, this class can be completely tailored to suit your goals.

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