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Come and try the latest fitness craze – aerial hoop! A steel ring wrapped in specialist grip tape and suspended from our rigging over large crash mats. We have 4 hoops rigged with a maximum of 2 students per hoop. If you would like your own hoop we have a range of private classes available.

Aerial Hoop enables you to build strength, get more confident and gain flexibility. New starters are always welcome so if the celebrities on the TV show Tumble can do it then so can you! There are no fitness, flexibility, strength or any other requirements at all – anyone and everyone can have a go on this awesome bit of kit.

New starters always begin on the lower aerial hoop to build confidence. We work up to the higher hoops slowly to help people overcome their fear of heights. There’s never any pressure to go into the higher hoop and the teacher will rig the hoop at a height that is right for you.

Performance opportunities are also available a couple of times a year in our student showcases – a great event to work towards if people want to. We have also trained professional performers who have successfully secured contracts on cruise ships and in night clubs around the world. We work with everyone at their own pace and will do our best to tailor classes to meet people’s individual goals.

The fitness benefits of Aerial Hoop are an all over body workout but you’ll be having so much fun achieving your dream moves you won’t notice how much you’re working out!

We also specialise in doubles aerial hoop – we have toured the country performing and teaching doubles aerial hoop in other studios so we can offer the highest quality, safest teaching with great breakdowns of moves and sequences from basic to more advanced.

Each class runs for 1 hour and we start with conditioning and end with a great stretch out to maximise flexibility. Click here for the next available dates and times. The link will open in a new window.

Aerial hoop Private Classes

Private classes are a great way to progress quickly in your chosen art form. Work with a qualified, experienced and passionate instructor to perfect your moves and work on your own individual plans based on what you want to achieve. Whether you are just starting out, have specific goals or want to work at a more intense or a more relaxed pace than group classes, this class can be completely tailored to suit your goals and needs.

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