Can I have a tour of the studio?

Unfortunately we can’t accommodate in person tours of the studio but we have put together this showreel for you! Click below for a preview of the studio and the facilities we offer. Not featured are the toilets, kitchen and changing room but these are available for student use.

How do I book a class?

Please click here to be taken to the booking page.

What should I wear to pole dancing classes?

For beginner pole dance classes we recommend leggings you can roll above your knee and a top you are comfortable in. You can wear shorts if you want to but this is not compulsory. We are pretty relaxed here at Flight Fitness and for our Pole Fitness / Pole Dance classes you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident! For intermediate and advanced classes we do need leg grip so shorts would be preferable. However, if you don’t feel comfortable getting your legs out you can buy sticky leggings that grip to the pole! Technology has come a long way and there are some great ones available from Creatures of XIX and SuperFlyHoneyWorld. You can also get cheaper leggings from Ebay but stockists change too quickly for us to recommend any on this site. All we want is for you to feel comfortable and confident so please wear whatever makes you feel the best.

What should I not wear to pole dancing classes?

Please don’t apply moisturiser, lotion, suncream, oil, fake tan or any other kind of skin cream to your body at least 12 hours before attending pole dancing classes. If you apply hair oil please wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. This is extremely important as any oil or lotion can transfer to the pole making it very dangerous both for you and others who are sharing the pole with you. Slippery poles are dangerous poles!

Please remove all watches, bracelets and rings before using the pole for health and safety reasons. Rings can be bent and broken by the pole and watches can get scratched or the screens can shatter. Flight Fitness cannot accept any responsibility for damage, injuries or breakages caused by not removing jewellery.

What is Aerial Hoop?

Aerial hoop (also known as lyra or cerceau) is a steel ring suspended from the ceiling by secure rigging. It’s usually wrapped in cotton grip tape to give better grip. This activity is great for people who struggle with skin grip. There are different sizes of hoop available and the instructor will make sure the hoop is the right size for you. Our group classes are capped at two people per hoop.

We will start with a thorough warm up and complete the lesson with a cool down. During a lesson we will cover how to approach the hoop, how to get in and out of the hoop safely and what to do at different heights. We will cover individual moves, combinations and will also work towards routines to music. We have up to three showcases a year at Flight Fitness and all regular students are invited to perform if they want!

What do I wear to Aerial Hoop classes?

Aerial hoop doesn’t require any skin contact and it’s preferable to stay covered up. It’s suggested to wear several layers of clothing but keep them form fitting so they don’t get caught on the hoop. Please make sure the backs of your knees are fully covered. Leggings, leotards, strappy tops etc. are all suitable choices, but if you’re not sure please ask your instructor. Flight Fitness can’t take responsibility for injuries caused by inappropriate clothing.

Please also remove all watches, bracelets, ring and necklaces before class to avoid getting them caught on the aerial equipment.

What is Aerial Silks?

Aerial Silks is a long length of specialist fabric suspended from the ceiling. We wrap the fabric to create shapes, combos and tumbles. During a class we will cover shoulder engagement, climbing the fabric, how to create safe and secure locks to build moves on top of and how to get out of moves safely. We always warm up thoroughly and cool down at the end.

What do I wear to Aerial Silks Classes?

For aerial silks it is best to be as covered as possible to avoid getting burns from the silks. When people descend the silks quickly the friction can often leave marks and burns on bare skin. To avoid this please wear ankle length leggings (preferably non shiny ones for better grip) and a long sleeved, wrist length top. Flight Fitness cannot take responsibility for injuries caused by inappropriate clothing. It’s preferable for people to have bare feet for better grip on the silks but students have been able to perform most moves when wearing socks with rubber grips on the soles. However, we don’t supply these and don’t have any information for stockists and these socks don’t always work for everyone so please bear that in mind to avoid disappointment.

Do I need to bring anything with me to a class?

All you need is the appropriate clothing (there are changing rooms on site) and a bottle of water to rehydrate yourself. There is a tap available in the kitchen to refill your bottle if you need to. Please note there are no showers on site.

Do I need to get fitter or lose weight before I start pole dancing or aerial arts classes?

Believe it when we say one of the best ways to tone up and get fitter is to try pole dancing or aerial arts! You will not believe the amount of overall body strength and confidence you will develop by attending classes regularly! We celebrate what people’s bodies can do rather than what they look like – we don’t take measurements, we don’t weigh people and we don’t judge how good a workout is by how many calories you’ve burned. There is more to life than what we look like and we help people see this. Exercise isn’t a punishment – it’s a celebration of our bodies and finding the joy in movement. We help people to surprise themselves with their own abilities by learning lifelong skills on their chosen apparatus. People often say their confidence sky rockets when they join our classes and we encourage people to take this confidence into their everyday lives. The great thing about all the activities we offer here is that different people move in different ways and we love celebrating everyone’s individuality. As long as people are safe and feel confident we help them develop their individual style and move in a way that feels good for them. We believe that if people enjoy their workout they are more likely to stick with it and we often have feedback saying that our classes are the only ones people have carried on for a long time. Some of our students have been with us for ten years!

Everyone can enjoy pole dance or aerial arts and the instructors have taught people from all ages, all backgrounds and all walks of life. Anyone can do the activities we offer at Flight Fitness and all we want is for people to be safe, be strong, be themselves and enjoy what they do. You are never too old to enjoy pole dancing – if you don’t believe us, check out this link – Sydney’s pole dancing Grandmother!

Will everyone be better than me?

No, everybody progresses at their own pace and your instructor will cater for this. Remember that everyone starts somewhere! We believe in moving at everyone’s individual pace and will always set moves depending on everyone’s strengths and preferences. We will make sure everyone is supported and working safely at their own level. Other students are not the enemy – they are there to support and encourage you! Everyone starts somewhere and everyone is learning together. If you are not sure if this if for you please feel free to browse our range of private classes rather than joining group classes.

I’m very nervous about coming to my first class, can I come and watch before to see what it’s like?

Unfortunately not, we don’t allow spectators in the group classes for the comfort and safety of the other participants. No one likes being stared at when they are trying something new! Our pay as you go classes act as taster classes – you can join for one class and there is no obligation to continue if you don’t like it! This is a great way to try classes out before committing to a course and this also acts as a great option for people who work shifts. Private lessons are also an option and a lot of people find that this is a great way to try out their chosen art form without committing to a course or being in a group. All of our instructors are supportive, encouraging, and will guide you through the steps needed to get to grips with your chosen activity. Click here to explore the different options.

My friends can’t attend any more, can I come by myself?

Of course! We encourage a friendly atmosphere and it’s great to meet new people who have similar interests to you. Don’t be nervous – we are all friendly! A couple of our students had never met before joining our classes and now they go on holiday as friends! A lot of people spend years waiting for their friends / family to be available before signing up to our classes. If your friends are hesitant take the plunge and sign up by yourself, you might meet some exciting new people and start a hobby you really love! Then your friends will probably want to join in the fun and sign up anyway!

What happens if I can’t come to a class?

Please check the terms and conditions on our online booking system. These terms and conditions can be read before committing to classes and will also be featured in your email confirmation as a reminder. Please make sure you can definitely attend a class before booking as we may not be able to refund or transfer bookings. Please bear in mind that we apply all terms and conditions equally to everyone and it is never personal. We do not tolerate any kind of verbal or physical abuse or bullying at Flight Fitness. Anyone who sends abuse or threats will be banned from all future classes at Flight Fitness. Please remember you are speaking to a real person when contacting Flight Fitness.

Can my children attend classes at Flight Fitness?

Yes, but they have to be over 16 to attend pole fitness group classes and 14 to attend aerial arts group classes. Younger children can be accommodated in private lessons with Lauren Red. Lauren Red is currently the main children’s instructor. She is also DBS checked and insured. There may be other instructors available but as our instructors are freelance we can’t guarantee availability. Please contact us before booking to discuss any details. We also host children’s parties – contact us for more information and prices!

I don’t identify as female, can I still attend classes at Flight Fitness?

Yes, we welcome everyone of all genders. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly studio and don’t tolerate any forms of bullying, abuse, intimidation or discrimination. We have a Code of Conduct and an Equality policy – please contact us if you would like to see them.

Do you do hen parties, birthday parties or team building exercises?

Yes we do! Click here for more information

Is there parking at the studio?

Yes, there are lots of free parking spaces on the Faircharm Estate. These are shared by all businesses on the estate and you are welcome to park anywhere. Ignore signs reserving spaces for other units – none of the businesses on the estate pay extra to reserve parking spaces. All parking spaces are available for anyone to use.

Do you offer monthly packages at a discount?

Unfortunately we don’t offer monthly packages for every art form at this time. Aerial hoop can only be booked as a pay as you go classes and pay as you go pole classes are available too. Aerial silks can be booked as a monthly course and pole dance can be booked as a six week course at a small discount. These are the only package options available at this time and unfortunately we can’t give any discounts or packages for multiple art forms. Our energy prices have risen by 500% (five times more) in the last 2 years and the rent has risen too. This is the cheapest we can offer classes while still covering our costs and paying our highly qualified, highly insured, amazing teachers the hourly rate that reflects their awesome skill level. We work hard to bring you the best quality classes at the best price we are able to and we may be in a position to offer discounts in the future but this is not something that is within our reach right now. Apologies for any disappointment caused and thank you everyone for your continued support of our kickass studio.

Still not found the answer to your question?

Contact us – we are always happy to help!