Aerial Cube

This is one of the more unusual aerial disciplines and Lauren Red is one of the few people in the country to have an Aerial Cube.

The aerial cube is a custom made and reinforced steel cube suspended over thick crash mats, it is very similar to Aerial Hoop, Static Trapeze and Pole Dancing. When training on the aerial cube people usually wear leggings and a tighter top or jumper they are comfortable in. We recommend either socks or bare feet. We have two cubes available for use to accommodate people of different heights.

It is great for performing tricks with two people or as a solo and Lauren has come up with a lot of the moves after extensive physical research. She has performed all over the country in the cube, taught workshops in studios across the UK and regularly hosts both group workshops and private lessons at Flight Fitness. The Aerial Cube is a beautifully unusual, gorgeously geometric piece of apparatus that offers a completely unique aerial experience.

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