Lauren Red

All other activities we offer such as pole dance, aerial hoop and circus skills look and feel better when you have a bigger range of movement – you also reduce the risk of injuries and muscle pain when you have more mobility throughout your body. Splits and Flexibility Training classes are perfect for increasing flexibility in a safe and controlled way.

Each class runs for 1 hour and starts with a thorough warm up with strength building and conditioning included (you can only stretch as far as your muscles can support). We then work through a series of stretches focusing on front and middle splits and on shoulder and back flexibility using solo and partner based stretches – if you don’t have a partner don’t worry! We will pair you up during the class and everyone is lovely here.

We can also focus on any areas that you feel need improvement and our Splits and Flexibility Training program changes each month to make sure you get the most out of your classes.

If you are just starting out with stretching or if you are looking to push your flexibility to a new level, then these classes are for you. We cater for all levels of flexibility – from the blocks of wood to the super bendy rubber bands – we can push you to achieve new skills and learn new stretches.

These classes are available both as private lessons and one off workshops. Please contact us for more info and the dates for the next classes.

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