Aerial Hoop classes have gone down a storm at Flight Fitness! Since introducing the classes 2 months ago lots of ladies and gents have learned amazing hoop poses and got some new muscles to boot! Aerial Hoop (also known as lyra) is a great way to […]
Adam Scott, the head circus teacher here at Flight Fitness Leicester has recently picked up hula hoop to add to his many skills. So to celebrate his amazing tricks and flow we shot a little video in the studio after lessons had finished. Click the video below […]
It’s amazing how time flies. Six weeks ago this group of lovely ladies started a Pole Dance course here at Flight Fitness, and in that time they have learnt tricks, spins and a lovely routine they performed at the end. They didn’t want the dance routine […]
  From 1st October 2012 the above timetable will come into effect. This means more stretch classes and more Sunday classes! So please take note and make sure you read up on this  before booking in. If you have any questions or would like to book […]