Indiana Jones Whip Cracking

Do you remember Indiana Jones and his famous whip as he charged through temples chased by boulders? Ever wanted to learn the unique art of whip cracking and be as badass as Indiana Jones? Now is your chance!

Very soon we will be organising a taster session with one of the best whip cracking artists in the Midlands – Simon Ratzker. Si has a 10 year track record of performing in nightclubs, films, TV and even for celebrities like Jonathon Ross. His precision whip cracking skills are renowned across the UK and we are very lucky that he is local!

Come and try the taster session and if you like it sign up to the 6 week course to hone your skills while you tone your muscles. Contact us to register your interest and we will host the taster session as soon as we have enough people signed up.



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