A little reminder of our class cancellation policy.

A course cannot be refunded once it has been started – however in certain circumstances you may be able to transfer the course to another day as long as due notice is given. The deposit is non refundable.

For any prebooked class (includes courses, private classes etc.) a non refundable deposit (or in some circumstances the whole class fee) is often paid in advance. This is non refundable but may be transferable in some circumstances.

For parties the deposit is non refundable, but again may be transferable in some circumstances.

We try our best to be flexible but remember we are a very small business who is not out to rip people off. We are always there on time to teach the classes, we work very hard to ensure you get an excellent standard of teaching on top quality equipment with incredibly thick, safe mats. We are not a big corporation so please respect our policies and bear this in mind when booking your class.

If you have any questions please get in touch.


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