Death punch dave masterclass pole dance flight fitness leicester

SATURDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2pm – 4pm
SUNDAY 17TH NOVEMBER 1.30pm – 3.30pm

ONLY at Flight Fitness Leicester!

2 hour workshop for beginners to advanced and everything inbetween (there will be variations of moves throughout the class)

This workshop is ideal for those polers who want to push their strength training, along with their cardio to the max.

Polers will learn techniques Dave regularly uses when training herself and others to build strength quickly and efficiently. These techniques can then be carried on into your own training to make sure you get strong and conquer those new tricks fast.

Dave will then show you a variety of her favourite tricks including handspring variations, death lays and some combinations of moves you DEFINITELY won’t have done before! So for a new take on pole fitness come to this workshop!

Have any tricks you are struggling with? Dave will provide a fresh pair of eyes to help figure out the niggly details and have you flying in no time!

The class will finish with a strength building workout to help reach your full cardio potential! You will be PUSHED no matter what level you are, so get involved!

Time to get MAD STRONG and MAN UP!

£35 for 2 hours of AMAZING strength, skill and agility training! Choose from 2 classes (or do both if you have a death wish haha)

£10 deposit required to book your place – remember this is all levels so get booked on and MASSIVELY improve your pole strength (while having a laugh at the same time!) 😀 😀

Click here to join the facebook group and see who else is going!

death punch dave masterclass pole dance pole fitness leicester


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