Get ready for a roller coaster of naughtiness, cheekiness and tease. This will be an intimate show with a small audience so don’t delay buying tickets!

Jamie Taylor – All Wales Champion

Tiff Finney – Ultimate Charisma Queen, Pole Theatre Finalist

Sam King – International Pole Dance Star and UKPPC Elite winner, IPAAT Ultimate Champion

Annie Norris – UKPPC Elite winner and Instructor of the Year

Lauren Red – Miss Pole Dance UK Runner up x 2

Plus performances from Flight Fitness students and instructors.

There will also be WORKSHOPS and private lessons available with Jamie Taylor on Friday 17th May and Tiff Finney and Sam King on Sunday 19th May.

There will be bundles of funny money for sale on the night – show your appreciation to the dancers by MAKING IT RAIN!!

STRICTLY 18+ ONLY – partial nudity, strong language.

Bring your own booze – there will be soft drinks, snacks, tea and coffee available on the night but we don’t have an alcohol license. Please bring plastic glasses to avoid breakages and protect the dancers feet!

Tickets for the show: £20 per person

For more information join the Facebook event >



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