We have been slaving away on the floor for over a month and we are very happy to say – it is finally ready! We have sanded away the badness to reveal a beautifully smooth and light natural beauty underneath. It’s been enhanced by clear varnish as we believe that the flaws are what make it beautiful and it will be super smooth on your feet. See below for the Flight Fitness Dance Floor timeline!

Hammer hammering lauren red wooden floor natural beauty

Lauren gets stuck into hammering every single nail in the floor down. No small job!

Wood floor sanded dance floor leicester flight fitness

Planning where the beams are going to go – and look at the state of the floor! This is what we started with.

Wooden floor sanding dance floor dancing lessons leicester leicestershire

Look at the beauty beneath the dirt!

big floor sander dance lessons leicester leicestershire

The beast!

Floor sanding natural beauty dance lessons leicester pole dance lessons leicester

The first day sanding the floor – seems like so long ago!

Wood floor sanded dance studio leicester leicestershire flight fitness natural beauty

The sanding is finally finished! We blew up three big sanders in the process, whoops!

natural sanded floor dance lessons leicester pole dance lessons leicester flight fitness lauren red

The final result – ready to go!



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