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The powerhouse that is Leanne Laird is coming back to Flight Fitness to teach aerial silks masterclasses! She is a very experienced teacher who focuses on technique, injury prevention and strength building. She has a wealth of experience and you will come away from her workshops with a load of new tips, tricks and improvements in your aerial skills.

When is it? Saturday 14th March and Sunday 15th March 2015

Conditioning and Strength Building 10am – 11am £12.50
Build your strength for your chosen art form – be it pole dance, aerial silks, hoop, rope, cube or any other apparatus Leanne can help you boost your strength and get the most out of your training.

Suitable for everyone and anyone! Even if you have no aerial or pole experience this workshop will be great for learning new exercises to stabilise your shoulders, build your power and speed etc.

Beginners aerial silks 11.15am – 1.45pm £35
This class is for people who have never attended a silks class before, or those who have had a couple of classes and are still battling with climbs, inverts etc. This class is a great start into the world of aerial silks and what is involved in this beautiful art form.

Learn static holds and beautiful poses and how to climb to the top of the silks! Not to be missed, an amazing experience! No fitness requirements for this class – anyone can join 🙂

Intermediate aerial silks 2pm – 430pm £35
This class is for people who have already had experience on the aerial silks. You must be able to do two different climbs on the silks confidently in order to attend this class.

Learn drops, static holds, transitions with progressions of all moves. Bring your notebook for all the new moves!

ONLY £35 FOR 2.5 HOUR WORKSHOP!! Amazing value!!
Leanne won’t be coming back for a while so book your space now!

Private lessons are available with Leanne in hoop, conditioning or silks at the following prices:
£30 for one person
£40 for two people
£51 for 3 people
£60 for 4 people
For any more than 4 people contact us for prices.


“Leanne Laird is a experience Aerial Acrobat, performing since 2008 and teaching since 2010. She started first performing at the age of 13 and starting in Circus training in 2007 at Circomedia specializing in Aerial Silks, Hoop and Trapeze. She came from a background of Performance, Theater, Dance, Movement, Martial Arts and Weight Training.

After her year at Circomedia she continued with her training through taking private Aerial classes and studying the movement of body to help with injury prevention and injury aftercare.

Moving to Nottingham in 2010 she first taught with NottsCircus and then moved onto running her own evening classes under the name of NottinghamAerial. Though stopped running this school in 2012 when deciding to move to London to train under one of very few talented Aerial Straps artists. This is a very tough aerial skill that takes years to perfect.

Leanne teaches with taking great importance to detail,technique and conditioning. The understanding of Aerial Acrobatics and the strain it puts on the body is a big importance to her, as with this understanding she can avoid major injury, as well as understanding the body’s limits when working through an injury. She very much believes in teaching with all this in mind, so students can make the most of learning Aerial Skills.”

Click here to see Leanne in action!

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