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Lauren Red has achieved the highest accolade in the Pole Dance Community – 4 star Instructor status.

Supported by two other 4 star instructors Emily Smith and Hannah Capocci, Lauren Red has joined an elite group of 36 nationally recognised instructors from across the UK. The PDC represents over 250 instructors in total giving you an idea of how elite this group is!

The PDC (Pole Dance Community) was set up in May 2009 to provide regulation and promote best practice within the pole dancing industry.

They have since grown to represent over 250 pole dance instructors who are united by their strict code of conduct.

“We represent a new way of doing things, made possible by the internet.  We have no leaders, presidents or committees, PDC policy being decided by our members – thats you! Everyone has an equal say.”

 To read the whole article on the PDC website click here!

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