Midlands Pole CHamps Judges

Flight Fitness had a fab day at the Midland’s Pole Championships this weekend, which saw many inspirational dancers take the stage in Nottingham.

Lauren Red was invited to join the panel of esteemed judges including Donna Gant, Justine McLucas, Pippa Caeser and Jess Leanne Norris. There were many tough choices to make and they definitely had their work cut out for them – so many amazing styles and combinations showcased a brilliant amount of talent!

Massive thanks to the organisers Twisted Pole, they did such a good job the whole competition ran ahead of time! They worked so hard to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves and it showed.

We are very much looking forward to next year and hope to see some Flight Fitness students take the stage!

Midlands Pole Champs Advanced Winner

Lauren Red with Advanced Category WInner Annalisa Muresu


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