Megan Beginners Pole Dance Classes Instructor Leicester Flight Fitness

Megan, New Pole Dance Instructor at Flight Fitness Leicester

Flight Fitness is extremely proud to welcome Megan to the Flight Fitness Team!

Megan is an extremely experienced teacher from South Africa known for her love of technique and fab pole exercises. She will be teaching the beginner’s classes on Mondays and Tuesdays alongside Lauren Red. She has this to say about her experiences:

“After randomly watching and being completely awed by a YouTube clip of the USPDF championship, I decided that pole fitness was something I had to try. After joining The Pole Studio South Africa and training under Tracey Simmonds, I quickly realised what an incredible all-in-one sport this is – flexibility, strength, toning, dance, gymnastics, cardio and of course, plenty of fun!
I moved to Leicester to complete my MSc and am now busy with my PhD. Naturally, I wanted to find a studio here where I feel comfortable, where classes are professional and safe and where I would be challenged in my own personal development as a dancer – Flight Fitness is exactly what I was looking for and Lauren, being the fun, well qualified and capable dancer that she is, always pushes me to fly higher!
In my own classes and teaching, I aim to offer an all round class that combines conditioning, transitional moves, tricks, spins and plenty of laughing!”


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