Flight Fitness at Strawberry Fields Festival

High Fliers at Strawberry Fields Festival!

We were invited by The Mud Collective and Biscuit Tin Soundsystem to come and perform with them at Strawberry Fields Festival in Leicestershire, so we packed up the portable pole and off we went! We had an amazing time and even though it was the first time performing in public for some of us it went brilliantly! There were a lot of comments about how acrobatic all our dancers were and how effortless we make it look, which is a true testament to how hard we all work. What we do isn’t easy so very glad it looks that way!

To see what we got up to click here for the full album, or scroll down for some more photos!

Adam's fab light show at Strawberry Fields Festival

Adam’s fab light show at Strawberry Fields Festival

Vicki's fab ballerina variation!

Vicki’s fab ballerina variation!

Claire's beautiful butterfly!

Claire’s beautiful butterfly!

Gemma pole dancing at strawberry fields festival

Gemma’s fab allegra – she held this for ages!

Hannah Pole dancing at Strawberry Fields festival

Hannah’s fab elbow hold at Strawberry Fields Festival!


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