10373512_918334238193331_2952997812719941739_nJamie Taylor is returning to Flight Fitness for the second year running! Her workshops were such a great hit last year and we sold out of everything so get in there quick!


From smooth, sexy and slow. To super fast and wild, learn Jamie’s Signature Tricks, Spins and Combos. Jamie will show you how to flow into and dance while in your fave tricks, how to add those Stripper Style flourishes and make the most tame trick or spin look extremely un-family friendly! Shoulder Mount and Aerial Invert a must. Heels optional.

HARDCORE FLOOR – 12:45pm – £35

Learn an extensive floor vocabulary from simple mermaids and leg tangles to freezes and big trick combos! From old school club work to ultra modern movement. And more importantly how to link them together and make it all flow. Loops, clocks, floppy ankles and shoe bags! Jamie Taylor, known as the best in the business for UK Floorwork has a long list of travels, transition, tricks and poses just for Floor, and can make even the most difficult floor trick possible for you. Bring a notepad and water! No Pole Experience Required.


It’s the super impressive dance skills you see between tricks and spins, that make Stripper Style pole so mesmerising to watch. It’s the constant movement when IN a pole trick , the lack of prep and pause, and the slinky smooth ways in and out of spins, that separate Stripper Style from the rest. Pole tricks that use the bottom third of the pole, dance moves off the floor and away from the pole and how to use your hands and ankles. All this will be covered in this workshop. Suitable for all levels and those new to Pole Dance.

ANCIENT EXOTIC – 4:30pm – £10

A deeply sensual hour long extra class that uses flowing movement and floor work to quiet the mind and ignite the fire within. Using tribal and ancient style beats to reconnect with the wild woman in all of us. This workshop is best suited for studios that can guarantee uninterrupted privacy and a yoga class type environment. A yoga mat or knee pads may be advised for those with sensitive joints. Suitable for those new to pole dance. Heels are optional.

Contact us for more info or if you have any questions!

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